The Willamette Angels

Angel Investors

 An angel investor is an accredited investor* who provides capital for a business startup, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. 

The Willamette Angels

The Willamette Angels are a collaborative group of accredited investors who meet throughout the year to evaluate and potentially invest in early-stage companies. Once a year, the Willamette Angels form an LLC to make investments at the Willamette Angels Conference. 


This is intended to be informational and is not a solicitation. 

Investing in early stage companies is an illiquid investment with a long time horizon that carries a high risk of complete loss of principal. Individuals who qualify as accredited investors are presumed to be financially sophisticated and able to evaluate and assume these financial risks. 

*An accredited investor is a person who is deemed capable by law of assessing riskier investments, typically an individual who self certifies that they have a net worth (not including their primary residence) exceeding $1 million or an income of more than $200,000 per year (or $300,000 together with spouse).  For the full definition of qualifications for individuals and trusts, see the Investor Bulletin on Accredited Investors on